Tuesday, November 10, 2009

my costum

Today,i want to take my kadazan costum at Hentian Kajang.Estella and mine.heeheh.Then, i want to take glo's blouse from Afrina at Metro Kajang. Today,i ate nasi lemak and try to study. I woke up at 10am and go bath.Heee...this Friday is my last exam-Bm dalam kehidupan sosial. I learn that politeness is very important because we can jaga air muka org lain.Hee..and there are differences between woman and man about how they speak.Besides that, i learn that cord switching or mixing also very commonly in our society. As we can see, we always switch or mix our communication among us such as we use English + Malay + Mandarin + Tamil + and so on in our language. For instance, "ok bah kalo u"- sabahan English language. We always switch our language because sometimes we can't explain some terms in our first or second language. Other than that, language also influence our thinking and sometimes its fix what we thinking said by Sapir-Whorf.( theory Relativism Linguistic-weakness and Tehory Determinisme Linguistic-stronger). The man have big larinks and vocal cord than woman so it make difference how man and woman to speak. Deference is necessary and compulsory in some system and must be follow by all people that practice the system. Deference also about the position in social rank. Politeness as linguistic strategies to show the politeness and its happen as spontaneous.in addition, today i learn that emblem is about our common body language(non verbal language) that everyone can understand to explain the messages but illustrator is about our body language (non verbal language) but its will be clear if we use some verbal language. We need to speak clearly and said "NO" to other people if we did not want to help them or share something with them. But, if we want to take care their feeling, we need to answer like this," i will help you but i need to go my mother' s house this evening. i am so sorry". So,this situation show our politeness to other people but we need to strict to said "NO" to them because we now that there is something more important and sometimes we need to selfish so that we can didn't waste out times. So, We can know that the Non-verbal language is to show the identity, to show the relationship that we want other people know and to present our emotional that we can't to express.

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