Thursday, November 12, 2009

can't wait the sweet memory tomorrow

Yeah...tomorrow my family come to KL for my sister graduation day at PWTC.i can't wait the time.i want to hug and kiss my parents,miss them so much.this is time that i want and i want to say that i miss them so long never see them and this is the good time to spent time with them.i want to bring them to You in my life.

this night, i want to study and hope i will remember all points. yeahhh...,but i attracted by me Lord.i don't want to waste my time only to serve the FB..huh..Lord,help me.amen.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

my costum

Today,i want to take my kadazan costum at Hentian Kajang.Estella and mine.heeheh.Then, i want to take glo's blouse from Afrina at Metro Kajang. Today,i ate nasi lemak and try to study. I woke up at 10am and go bath.Heee...this Friday is my last exam-Bm dalam kehidupan sosial. I learn that politeness is very important because we can jaga air muka org lain.Hee..and there are differences between woman and man about how they speak.Besides that, i learn that cord switching or mixing also very commonly in our society. As we can see, we always switch or mix our communication among us such as we use English + Malay + Mandarin + Tamil + and so on in our language. For instance, "ok bah kalo u"- sabahan English language. We always switch our language because sometimes we can't explain some terms in our first or second language. Other than that, language also influence our thinking and sometimes its fix what we thinking said by Sapir-Whorf.( theory Relativism Linguistic-weakness and Tehory Determinisme Linguistic-stronger). The man have big larinks and vocal cord than woman so it make difference how man and woman to speak. Deference is necessary and compulsory in some system and must be follow by all people that practice the system. Deference also about the position in social rank. Politeness as linguistic strategies to show the politeness and its happen as addition, today i learn that emblem is about our common body language(non verbal language) that everyone can understand to explain the messages but illustrator is about our body language (non verbal language) but its will be clear if we use some verbal language. We need to speak clearly and said "NO" to other people if we did not want to help them or share something with them. But, if we want to take care their feeling, we need to answer like this," i will help you but i need to go my mother' s house this evening. i am so sorry". So,this situation show our politeness to other people but we need to strict to said "NO" to them because we now that there is something more important and sometimes we need to selfish so that we can didn't waste out times. So, We can know that the Non-verbal language is to show the identity, to show the relationship that we want other people know and to present our emotional that we can't to express.


Setiap hal yang kitafikirkan mungkin semua itu hanyalah angan-angan kosong yang mungkin akan membuat kita mengalah pada keadaan.Kita tahu bahawa setiap hari tanpa kita sedari,ada sesuautu yang perlu kita fokuskan.Segala perkara dapat ku tanggung di dalam Dia yang menguatkanku.

Adakalanya kita harus melupakan apa yang kita perbuat kerana ia hanya sia-sia.Rancangan kita bukan kita yang tentukan namun Dia yang berkuasa.
Saya bersyukur kepada Tuhan kerana setiap cabaran dan rintangan yang terjadi didalam hidup saya selalu mengajar saya agar sentiasa rendah hati dan tetap bersabar kerana janji Tuhan Yesus sangat tepat pada waktunya.Segalanya ada waktu yang perlu kita manfaatkan.Janganlah bersungut-sungut tetapi tetap berdoa dan bersabar. setiap tangisan tidak akan sia-sia jika kita terus berseru kepada Tuhan Yesus.Kita adalah ciptaan-Nya dan kita akan kembali kepada Dia.Jangan bersungut-sungut dengan apa yang kita hadapi kerana semua itu akan menjadikan kita lebih kuar untuk menempuh cabaran yang lebih besar lagi.Berpalinglah kepada Dia dan kuatkan hati kerana kerjaaan Syurga sudah semakin dekat. Marilah kita saling mengasihi,menasihati,mendorong dan meyokong antara satu sama lain.Jangan cepat mengalah pada keadaa dan saya teringat pada kata-kata teman saya,"jangan biarkan keadaan mengawal kita tetapi kitalah yang harus mengawal keadaan".

Monday, November 9, 2009

I do it last night after i downloa
d the photo editor. i like it very much and i feel so happy to edit all my must try it...heee...

listen and hear

i feel like i'm at my home now,
because i;m listening sabahan fm,
siuk bah didangar,their motto
always listen the KadazanDusun songs
i like it very much
sodop pinirubaan by annie
kolonguian by Ben bukag
wow..make me crazy dan fall in love with this song

i want to go back sabah...

duvo feeling

long ago,
my friend want me to know her friend,
who is he?
they know by chatting, true?

she ask him about his love,
do he answer the truth?
so,my friend ask my name to him,
so what?

ohh..i know it time to love..
no lah..
ok..we just friend
and day after day,month after month,
we fall in love

we agree to meet on 8 July 2008
LCCT airport see us
we meet and share together
with friends

lets us stop..
sudah lah bah tue
dont make me sad

we meet on 8 nov 2008
our last date

i realize that something bad will happen
my earring is lost
the gift from him

we went sang
than he ask me
i ask him
do not leave me
don't leave me

he lost in my mind
he go away
so far
so far
from my heart
the holiday are coming

he did not want to answer it
somebody told me
dont disturb him again
what happen?
he will be mine
i bother you leave him
go away from his life

why you doing this to me?
you know that the truth
between us
now,he with the princess
she is princess?
ok we end this story
you cheat
cheat me!!
smile and cry

the princess want to apologize
so easy
make my heart feel hurt
try to lie
i'm also have someone
but i can't
what should i do Lord,

Lets the time answer you questions,
i waiting,
our love like bad dream
i dream he with the princess
but the reality
they feel so hard to fall in love
so hard
we start again
and nothing
i want to forget you
but you still want to hold me
in you hearth
now,we start again,
just them,
miss you
miss you
you told me
miss you
i miss you too
lets think
we still have to doing in our life
we hope we can see the light


one feeling

yesterday make me crazy for my mandarin exam..its true that mandarin is not easy and i try my best to it..I ask Lord so that i will answer it.I only answer the part a,b,c,and e only.i cant write the hanzi.i want to blame myself but i know God is behind me and help,thanks Lord,i give it to You.i feel depressed to go back home...homesickkkkkkkkk you i solve this feeling..arghhhhh..lets it go and i frens already in her home now and she told me today she going to SMKP..ermmm..sweet memory coming in my mind..ohh..and chulai also told me that we need to go TS and watch wayang...yeahhhhhhh..hope see the new one of fmly will come..yeahhh..i will become their tourist guard...hahahah...yea meh..iya bah..true parents,anty,uncle and my sista&fmly come to KL for my sis's convo them so much..i want to hug and kiz my mum..truely...yeahhh..miz her so u...ermm...ok,i need to study for my last exam but still online...hahaha..why i'm doing this...i know..its my habits..hahaha..u know it...sudahlah bah..hee..chauuuuuuuuuuu...

u get it

i know u love me,
but i try to understand u,
so,it is ur decision?
lets us talk and talk about our love u never realize it,

myself and all that happen to me
i want to keep it
as long i know u
lets us think
for what?