Monday, November 9, 2009

one feeling

yesterday make me crazy for my mandarin exam..its true that mandarin is not easy and i try my best to it..I ask Lord so that i will answer it.I only answer the part a,b,c,and e only.i cant write the hanzi.i want to blame myself but i know God is behind me and help,thanks Lord,i give it to You.i feel depressed to go back home...homesickkkkkkkkk you i solve this feeling..arghhhhh..lets it go and i frens already in her home now and she told me today she going to SMKP..ermmm..sweet memory coming in my mind..ohh..and chulai also told me that we need to go TS and watch wayang...yeahhhhhhh..hope see the new one of fmly will come..yeahhh..i will become their tourist guard...hahahah...yea meh..iya bah..true parents,anty,uncle and my sista&fmly come to KL for my sis's convo them so much..i want to hug and kiz my mum..truely...yeahhh..miz her so u...ermm...ok,i need to study for my last exam but still online...hahaha..why i'm doing this...i know..its my habits..hahaha..u know it...sudahlah bah..hee..chauuuuuuuuuuu...

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