Thursday, December 9, 2010

once open a time

i want to laughhhhhhhhh....hahahahahahaha....

this korean drama make me crazy..why?..full of comedy,suspend and romance...


You can watch this movie in

hahaha...this movie make me happy,cant stop to laugh..hehehe

today,i'll went to Pejabat MARA to got sign from the officer and he cant believe if i had many certificate...hahaha...sempat tolong cop and then he sign for last, he said "good luck",i said "Thank you"...

Bibot also busy to sent my scrol from UKM and i hope i will receive it before this monday...hehehe

LOrd, help me...and i want thanksgiving that i can finish my fasting today even i feel so hungry...wawawa..but Lord gives me strength to face this challenge...Lord,blessed me!

aduinah...pening jugak fikir ayat-ayat power nie untuk tulis soalan KPLI nie...

1) mengapa anda memilih profession keguruan?
2) apakah pengalaman anda dalam bidang keguruan?
3)sekiranya anda terpilih, apakah sumbangan anda terhadap profession keguruan?

i need to write a simple esay for this questions...wawa...Lord help me!

now, belum mandi lagi..bucukkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!..hahha..di luar pulak wow heavy rain..siukkkkkkkkk awal-awal lagi saya sudah sleep bah because i want to stap up this night..mau study kunun..really???????????????..hahahahaha..Tuhan jak yg tau..

aduhhhhhhhhhhh..malas mau gaduh2,fikir geram2 nie...menyakitkan hati jak...peninglah mau jumpa ka tidak nie???

tunggu dan lihat!

our next lesson today:

refer to the questions above!

Roger and Out!


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